Store List and Hints

* RED ANGELS - Starting location. LM to 1st store only, no gift.

1. Red Dahlia's Boutique - how does Santa get in the house to deliver gifts?

2. {:ThirteenTH:} - You can find me sitting comfortably

3. Dionysia Designs - Queen for a Day

4. :.::Hot Stuff::.: - taste me!

5. Vips Corner - I am a famous vampire..don't come too close though..I might bite you!!! 

6. BlackRose Fashion - shiny and ready for the party!


8. FLOOD - What's your fave flavor of ice cream????? 

9. Asian Flair - Anyone gotta penny to throw in the pond?  I wanna make a wish!

10. Dolome Designs - mmmmmmmm Chocolate

11. .:FallenDreams Inc:. - why you so RELENTLESS

12. THE PUMPKIN HEAD - Where should I store a frozen treat?

13. studio nails - NO LONGER IN HUNT

14. Vero Modero - my only purpose to be here is to guide your way 

15. SFW Industries - SKIP

16. Pretty Kitties - Feeling a little Rebelious

17. Tienda de Textura - NO LONGER IN HUNT

18. Blackeri - something for your mouth 

19. Aphrodite Shop - It's a shiny star, probably it's on that new year furniture porch set they made!

20. Grumble - On a frozen bench.

21. Brass in Pocket - "YEW" will love a Treat.  

22. Virtual Ryukyu - Tasty Treats oh so nice - how i seek for that delight

23. PB Designs - You're searching for frozen treats, now try something hot!

24. kyandi - SKIP

25. PK Private Collection - Cool Cutie

26. Bound & Bitten - See Multihunt Hint Giver by signs

27. Scott's Fabrications - You'll Find Your Frozen Treat On A Wall AND Under One, At The Same Time!

28. Margaritaville Swag - Tryin to go up

29. Bitch Tail -  I love to hang in trees.

30. Barely Legal 2: The Darkside - NO LONGER IN HUNT

31. Shadow's Bodyworks -  only a gothic girl appreciates the frozen stuff

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